The graduate program in nursing (PPGENF) of the Institute of Health Sciences (ICS) at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) publishes notice of selection for a master's degree in nursing-Academic area of Concentration: nursing in the Amazonian Context.

Are offered 14 positions for beginning in the spring of 2016. Of the total, eight are for the research line "education, training and management for the Praxis in health and Nursing care in the Amazonian Context" and six for the line "Health care policies of Amazon Nursing".

The inscriptions follow the day November 3 to December 2, and must be made at the registry of the PPGENF (College of Nursing-Professional III Campus), of 9 to 12 hours, or via mail.

May be eligible nurses and nursing graduates who are in the last part of the course. Subscriptions are free.

Access here the Announcement of 2016 Selection.