PPGENF has a room designed exclusively for master's degree students with 06 computers connected to the Internet. These computers are multi-user and have data analysis software installed (Excel and others) and other necessary ones (Word, Powerpoint, ...). In addition to these computers, there is also a laser printer available for students. CopySpider software was installed on each computer to check for plagiarism in dissertations.

In the office you will find: 03 microcomputers, 02 laser printers, 01 notebook and 01 datashow for teachers for classes and for presentation of project qualification and support for student dissertation;

In the Meeting Room there is a multimedia projector and a retractable screen;

In the Classroom there is a datashow, a computer and a retractable screen.

All rooms at the PPGENF/UFPA are air-conditioned.

Computers are also available to students at the Central, HUJBB/UFPA, ICS/UFPA, and INFOCENTRO libraries.

In addition to this equipment, the PPGENF has equipment from the Laboratory of practical nursing skills: containing mannequins, 2 stretchers, 2 tables, 6 chairs, 3 cabinets, instruments and materials for the simulation of nursing procedures, such as bandages and probes, Injectable simulation materials (syringes, peripheral catheters, needles, ampoules, among others), stethoscope, cuffs, sterile surgical and procedure gloves, surgical masks and 3MTM masks, hospital caps and gowns, thermometers, flashlights, pulse oximeters, microfusers, jelcra , bed, bathroom simulation instruments and office supplies (clipboard, pens, patient progress and procedure records, ...) in addition to other equipment and materials that fall within the context of nursing practice.