The Nursing Graduate Program (PPGENF), level Academic Master, began its activities on 01/01/2011. It is offered by the Institute of Health Sciences (ICS – Portuguese Acronym) of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) through the Faculty of Nursing (FAENF).

The Program is recognized by CAPES and the Ministry of Education under the terms of Ordinance MEC No. 1325, of 09/21/2011. In the last evaluation of CAPES, related to the three-year period 2010-2012, the Program obtained grade three.

The PPGENF works in the Area of Concentration: Nursing in the Amazonian Context. In this area, two lines of research are currently being developed: Health Policies in the Amazonian Nursing Care and Education, Training and Management for the Health Care and Nursing Practice in the Amazonian Context.

The program aims to train Nurses Researchers with a global vision of nursing care in an understanding of the Amazonian reality for health care practices in services and teaching based on theoretical and methodological foundations critical to human care, for the reorganization of the Health Services, impacting on the political, economic and social scope of the Amazon region.