Among the solidarity actions of PPGENF/UFPA are:

- Qualification of professors of the Faculty of Nursing / UFPA - 08 professors with master's degrees;

- Participation in the Support Program for the Qualification of Teaching and Technical-Administrative Servants of the UFPA - 10 nurses from the João de Barros Barreto University Hospital with master's degrees (2016-2019);

- Municipal Department of Health and Environment of Belém - Health management training workshops for professionals of Family Health Strategies (FHS) in the Guamá neighborhood of Belém (2019);

- Federal Council of Nursing - Training of nursing professionals in the processing of health information and interpretation of indicators (2019);

- João de Barros Barreto University Hospital and Hospital de Clínicas Gaspar Vianna State Public Foundation - Training of nursing professionals in service management (2018-2019);

- Secretary of Health of the State of Pará (Department of Epidemiological Surveillance) - Training in integrated practices of epidemiological surveillance (2019);

- Other solidarity actions are expressed through the return of the results of the studies carried out by PPGENF to government agencies in order to subsidize the authorities in decision-making and implementation of public health policies, promoting social welfare.